CFL Week 8

What a wacky season so far-the Gray Cup Champs of a year ago are sitting in the basement. Eskimos can not get anything moving however their mentor might be going very soon. You must have a scape-goat and it is generally the mentor. Some terrible brings in the previous 2 games have been expensive. Watch for changes to be made mid-week.


Intensely hot Alouettes are 7-0 and #1 in the East hands down.Every part of their game is first rate. From initiative to protection to unique groups and an unbelievable offense-the honors can continue forever. In the event that A.C. remains solid they are the following Gray  แวดวงสนามมวย  Cup Champs for 2006!


The Lions have had a not really good or bad season and simply fall off a major success over the Eskimos at home. Dickinson was harmed so minimal Bucky came in and overwhelmed the guests actually. B.C. is #1 in the West up until this point.


Calgary was touted as the group to beat for the current year however they also have had their battles. They are 4-3 up until now and just fell off a success at home to the Roughriders. Joffre Reynolds is unstable with his running match-up getting more than 100 yards for each game this year.


Saskatchewan is 3-4 this year with the consistently unpredictible Kerry Joseph. At the point when he is acceptable he is incredibly acceptable. At the point when he is bad………..


Ousting is his destruction and his recipients are experiencing difficulty clinging to the gets. Exceptional groups are not all that uncommon and punishments are simply executing the entire group.


Winnipeg-what a cinderella story this year! Milt Stegal is the unbelievable WR of the decade, breaking records left and right. Kevin Glenn has discovered his step and is associating with Stegal and organization on a reliable premise. The resistance is second just to Montreal and on occasion far superior. Lamentably both Glenn and Stegal have been harmed for the current week and ideally they can recuperate rapidly.

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