We better beginning next season in the Top 25

Regardless. “Tuke” (his players moniker for MaTUKEwicz) is Polish, he realizes how to party. In the event that you have ever gone to a Polish memorial service, you realize how to party down after the internment. Tuke shined a different light on the articulation, “hang free, mother goose”.


He was insightful making right laugh out loud to the opening shot of the Humanitarian Bowl, and kid, did his Huskies react by kicking the living stuffing directly out of the Fresno State Bulldogs with a 40-17 triumph, giving Northern Illinois a school-record eleventh win to end its season on a high note.


Never speechless, Tuke stated, “We better beginning next season in the Top 25. On the off chance that you have a vote, put us in there.”


When next season begins, the new lead trainer of Northern Illinois will be Dave Doeren, the momentum guarded organizer for the fourth positioned Wisconsin Badgers (11-1), who will confront TCU (12-0) in the Rose Bowl on New Year’s Day. Tuke will stay as the linebackers mentor.


In the case of nothing else, Tom Matukewicz has an ideal record (1-0) as lead trainer of a significant school group, and with a bowl triumph for sure.


The Husky players were unreserved in acknowledging Tuke’s silliness for keeping them free and centered for their bowl game, and it appeared in their play.


Chandler Harnish (selected for the most improbable name for a school football quarterback) ran for two touchdowns and tossed for another as Northern Illinois won its first bowl game since 2004. He went 17-for-26 (65%) while going for 300 yards and included another 72 yards hurrying. Harnish, a lesser, positions fifteenth broadly in passing effectiveness.


The Husky hostile line kept Fresno State’s surge protective away from Harnish, permitting two extraordinary carnival gets – a fingertip grab by Perez Ashford on the sideline and a mid-course change for 32 yards by Willie Clark. It was sweet for Northern Illinois.


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