The Race for the #1 Seed

We are not that a long way from the end of the season games and the real issue currently is the desired top two spots in every meeting. It is significant on the grounds that the four groups, two from the AFC and two from the NFC, that get the favored picks will have a bye the primary seven day stretch of the end of the season games, trailed by home field in the following round. Those are two critical edges.


Does this assurance  นักเตะดังลีกเอิง  achievement? All things considered, no. It doesn’t ensure a spot in the Super Bowl, or even a spot in the meeting title games. Be that as it may, it offers groups an additional week to rest and get ready and the immensely significant home field edge for at any rate one season finisher game. Those are two significant points of interest.


Take a group like Chicago, for example. They will have a season finisher game in January. They play in an open air arena and the climate will be freezing and potentially blustery. That is an explanation mentor Lovie Smith has assembled his groups around resistance and some similarity to a running match-up, with Thomas Jones and drafting Cedric Benson.


A group like the Saints is one that couple of groups would need to look in the end of the season games, with Drew Brees unobtrusively having a MVP-type season. New Orleans drives the NFL in passing and simply wrecked Dallas out and about on national TV. Then again, they are would probably need to play at Chicago if the two groups advance in the end of the season games. How powerful would that No. 1 passing assault be in cold and breezy Chicago in late January? This is the place season finisher seeding and home field can be immense, and why groups are so centered around it now.


A year prior, the No. 1 seeded groups were the Colts and Seahawks. Seattle utilized its home field edge to walk right to the Super Bowl. Be that as it may, the Colts didn’t, blowing all they had worked for in the first round of the end of the season games, a 21-18 misfortune to No. 6 seeded Pittsburgh, the possible boss.


In 2004, the Steelers and Eagles were the No. 1 seeds, however Pittsburgh missed the mark regardless of having home field edge in the AFC title game. In 2003, the Carolina Panthers were a No. 5 seed and wound up NFC Champions. The 2002 Eagles had the No. 1 seed, however lost at home to Tampa Bay in the NFC title game. In 2001 the Steelers had the No. 1 AFC seed, yet got steamed in the AFC Championship by the Patriots. In 2000, the Raiders were the No. 1 seed and got agitated with the Ravens.


Along these lines, indeed, the favorites are significant, yet as should be obvious from the ongoing past, you despite everything need to complete it on the field. Another factor that is similarly as significant is wellbeing. The Patriots, Colts, and Seahawks all have endured a ton of wounds generally. That is one thing that favors the Chargers at the present time, as they are gifted and exceptionally solid. Be that as it may, that can change in a rush, as well, so don’t run out and by future’s tickets on the jolts right now! Moreover, No. 1 seeds frequently take a tumble in January, as well, all of which will make the following a month and a half extremely intriguing and engaging.

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