If you are about to start turning but don’t know which wood lathe to pick,


Before we get into the distinctions, first find out about them two.

Machine: As said in our previous article, the Lathe machine is known as the mother all things considered. It is the most adaptable and generally utilized machine in everywhere on over the world. This machine turns the workpiece on its pivot to do an assortment of activities like cutting, knurling, confronting, and so forth. This one is a working ponder and can even work with both metal and wood.

Processing Machine: In a processing machine, cutters pivot to diminish material from the item to give it the ideal shape. It is these days one of the most ordinarily utilized machines in businesses and industrial facilities to make results of various sizes and shapes.

The Difference in The Working Method

The two machines can be separated regarding their working strategy which is inverse to one another.

Machine: The cutting instruments remain fixed, and the metal or wood object is pivoted to make different shapes. The hurl on the headstock holds the workpiece and turns it ceaselessly, best starter wood lathe for a rookie¬†and the apparatus holder holds the cutting instrument which is fixed actually cautiously so it can’t move.

Processing Machine: On the other hand, in the processing machine, the shaper is set on an axle or arbor, and it can turn at rapid. Without pivoting, the shaper has no other development. The workpiece is held in the table of the machine. The development of the table controls the feed of the workpiece.

At the point when the workpiece is progressed towards the shaper, the shaper cuts, and the ideal shape is created on the article.

What are They Used for?

The machine and processing machines can be utilized for an assortment of tasks:



String Cutting






Spot Facing





Processing Machine


Side processing

Plain processing


Processing key ways, Grooves, and openings


Ride processing

Pack processing

Structure processing

Helical processing

Varieties of The Machines

We should now discuss the assortments of these two.


Speed machine/Wood Lathe

Motor machine

Capstan and Turret machine

Instrument Room machine

Specific Purpose machine. They can be separated into a few kinds:

Wheel Lathe

Seat Type Jewelers Lathe

Programmed Lathe

Driving rod Lathe

Vertical Lathe

CNC Lathe

Processing Machine

Flat Milling machine

Vertical Milling machine

Knee-Type Milling machine

Smash Type Milling machine

Organizer type Milling machine

Assembling or Bed-Type Milling machine

CNC Milling machine

The Differences in Cutting Tools


In a machine, the essential instrument utilized is known as an addition shaper.

It has a tip that can be eliminated.

This will assist you with cutting and shape things.

Processing Machine

In any case, with regards to processing machines, embed shaper is certainly not a typical component. For this situation, the end plant is the most well known choice.

It tends to be worked at an alternate speed, which can be useful to you.

Interesting points While Going for One

Machine: Suppose you need to cut a material which is round and hollow fit as a fiddle, it’s better for you to pick the machine rather than a processing machine. It will assist you with carrying out the responsibility all the more decisively, and cutting will be simpler. These two articles are to assist you with picking the quality wood machine or metal machine.

Processing Machine: Besides, while boring gaps, you can just bore at the focal point of the article by the machine. Be that as it may, utilizing a processing machine, you can make askew gaps just as straight cuts moreover. In the event that you need to make calculated slices and mean to take a shot at noncylindrical materials, at that point it is shrewd to go for a processing machine.


To be a decent mechanic, you have to have a decent machine that can clear you the way. Furthermore, buying a machine as per your requirements is likewise a significant errand. There are inconspicuous, yet heaps of contrasts present between a machine and a processing machine which loads of individuals don’t comprehend or know.

We’ve attempted to cover all the related contrasts between them so it gets simpler for you to separate between them. Expectation this encourages you. On the off chance that you despite everything need to know something, you have the remark area underneath.

See you on the opposite side. Well not really on the opposite side, in another post. Simply joking!

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